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It was an awesome thrill recently to see Orson Scott Card, one of America’s top science fiction authors and who wrote “Ender’s Game” write a review of my work and others in the 8th International LDS Art Competition In Salt Lake City. This appeared in Mormon Times of Deseret News.

Orson writes, “Another treatment of the Articles of Faith is a series of plaster panels intended for a 13-panel doorway, by Jacob Elton Dobson. Each panel shows two scenes in bas-relief, on the left an ancient event and on the right the modern continuation. So for the second Article of Faith, we see Adam kneeling at a sacrificial altar -- and a modern person kneeling by his bed in a prayer of repentance. It is a new and compelling idea to see the bed as an altar. For the third Article of Faith, Dobson shows us Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus wrapping the body of the slain Savior for burial, and on the right we seen two priests uncovering the sacrament -- changing the meaning of both cloths.”

This was surreal for me having read "Ender's Game" the first semester I began art school. Reality is truly stranger than fiction.


Article of Faith #1 has been commissioned for a traveling exhibit titled “The Art of the Restoration”.  The theme is about Jesus Christ and how He is at the center of the restored latter-day gospel.  It will feature 60 of the top artists in the LDS church and produced by the Artist Guild International. Here is the Guild's website:  The art exhibit will travel around to several cities in both the United States and Europe. The individual latter-day artists and their patrons who sponsored the work will be demonstrating to the world their testimonies of Jesus Christ.

Title of Piece: Article of Faith 1, Doorway Lintel 

Dimensions: 2’ x 7’

Article of Faith 1 Reads:

"We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost."

In the center of this overarching panel we see God the Eternal Father and His Son Jesus Christ, being seen by two of their disciples through the power of the Holy Ghost. Both of these disciples experienced threats from an enemy. In their moments of seeming destruction they call upon God and both witness the Lord Jesus Christ standing at the right hand of God. On the left side of the panel there will be Stephen facing the Godhead in the center of the panel representing an old dispensation. On the right side of the panel will be Joseph Smith in the sacred grove facing the center of the panel towards the Godhead representing the new dispensation. I have increasingly felt it my responsibility to testify that we are still strong believers in our message of the restoration. I believe that we have a bold opportunity to testify of the restoration with a momentous 13 ft doorway with Christ at the center in Article of Faith 1.

MARCH 2009


8th International LDS Art Competition In Salt Lake City

This March, Articles of Faith 2 & 3 relief sculptures were selected for a international juried art exhibition that had nearly 1,100 entries of amateur and professional artists from 44 countries.  There were close to 200 artworks that were selected for this exhibition in the Salt Lake Conference Center.  These Articles of Faith relief sculptures were also awarded one of the top Merit Awards in this competition. They were on display for this past April General Conference and will also be up through October’s conference. Click on link below to view the 8th International Art Competition online exhibit. 

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