Articles of Faith Background

The Articles of Faith outline 13 basic points of belief of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 1842 the Prophet Joseph Smith first wrote them in a letter to John Wentworth, a Chicago newspaper editor, in response to Mr. Wentworth's request to know what members of the Church believed. They were subsequently published in Church periodicals. They are now regarded as scripture and included in the Pearl of Great Price. President Monson said in February 2002, "Can you think of a more firm foundation, a more basic philosophy to guide any of us than the Articles of Faith?" 

Doorway Background

In March of 2007 I had a strong desire to express an unwavering testimony that I share with millions of my faith. When I heard someone suggest that modern Mormons have lost their bold beliefs of the past that are embodied in The Thirteen Articles of Faith I felt a strong desire to do something.  So while I was sitting in fast and testimony meeting and listening to a member testify of her faith, I got the idea to sculpt a bold thirteen-foot doorway with panels depicting these Articles of Faith.  In these past two years there has been an overwhelming energy to see this accomplished and to overcome any obstacles.  Even though this has been a large task so far, the ideas (usually the most difficult part of art making) have just landed in front of me. I told my wife Anna that this project is like seeing a rose open. While I have worked hard on the mechanics, the layers of ideas reveal themselves with ease.  As I have prepared the framework, the inspirations have just come. The following images are examples of this type of doorway sculpted by Triqueti and Ghiberti from art history or antiquity. “Come ye… all who have knowledge of antiquities… and bring… all the precious trees of the earth; And with... copper, and with brass... and with all your precious things of the earth; and build a house to my name, for the Most High to dwell therein.”  -Doctrine & Covenants 124:26-27 

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Doorway Goal

The ultimate goal is to have this doorway finished with panels cast in bronze and mounted on wood backing and trim to make up the full doorway. There will be two sculpted olive branches that will surround the doors on the outer framework. They will start at the bottom of each side and grow up to graft together at the top. My desire is that the doorway will be put on public display in a museum, visitor center, or temple to provide a new perspective of this restored gospel to many. I am also working on having this work published so that it may reach a wider audience. I have increasingly felt it my responsibility to tell of our beliefs in images so that "he who runs may read".  In contrast to the written word or film that requires more commitment of time, fine art has a powerful way of speaking in an instant to the casual observer. As I have toured with these sculptures to four different secular exhibits, it has been exciting to hear those not of my faith interpret much of what I wanted to express.  It is appropriate that this Articles of Faith Doorway requires such a great amount of faith of many to undertake and to finish.


  1. Thank you for undertaking this project, Jacob. It has been a privilege to know you, Anna and your family. You all have set an example of faith.

    Best wishes,

    Kathy Vorwick

  2. I am excited to be working on this with you for my mission. This doorway touches me just by what you have said on this site. I can't imagine all the people it will touch, the lives it will change, and the testimonies it will strengthen, when it is finished.

    You and your family are amazing.